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***GIVEAWAY***🎄✈️🌴Hey Everyone, as a thank you for the awesome support of my clients throughout this year, I am giving away 5 nights for 2 people at an all inclusive Adults Only Jewel Resort in Jamaica!**airfare NOT included**To enter:1. Share this post or my page2. Like my page3. Tag who you'd...  read more

Days and nights with Holland America Line are among the most memorable of a lifetime. Sail in classic style on beautifully appointed mid-sized ships where gracious service anticipates every desire.   Relax in a chaise lounge, melt into a massage table, or learn to arrange flowers, blend wine and edit...  read more

Princess Cruises is offering what it’s calling the best fares of the season during its "Exclusively Caribbean Sale" on seven-, eight-, 10-, 14-day sailings departing February through April 2018 for sale through Dec. 26.Rates starting as low as $99 per day, per guest, plus free gratuities, and third and fourth...  read more

On a cruise back in the 1990s, a guest comedian joked that the most effective way to shower onboard was to soap the walls of the cramped shower and spin around a couple of times.Cruise ship bathrooms, for the most part, aren't quite that tiny -- but they are generally...  read more

There’s a reason why Chile continues to rake in honors from around the world as a top destination: Its diverse landscape and stunning scenery can’t help but attract visitors. Travelers have an abundance of opportunities when they visit.While the South American country is well known for its wine valleys, sophisticated...  read more

A Great Travel Advisor is like a great hairdresser or mechanic or realtor, Once you find one, you will follow them anywhere. A Great Travel Advisor, is invested in your vacation and really cares. A Great Travel Advisor continually upgrades their skills with product, supplier & destination training. Rather than...  read more

If recent hurricanes across the Atlantic have you rethinking your winter getaway – think again! Across the Caribbean, destinations are reporting they are ready for you. All you need to do is start packing.View Magazine  read more

In June of 2017, Cowboy Jubilee celebrated our 20th year of continuous Western music and Cowboy Poetry. Guests of the show through the years include members of the Sons of the Pioneers, Sons of the San Joaquin, and western artists, Juni Fisher, Belinda Gail, Sam Deleeuw, Teresa Burleson, Mary Kaye,...  read more

Extreme Trips According to UNIGLOBE experts, extreme experiences to go where few have gone before are piquing the interest of travellers like never before. These include visiting rapidly changing destinations impacted by the threat of global warming like Cuba, Antarctica, Venice and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Epic adventures,...  read more

With this latest addition, UNIGLOBE has expanded its network to include two new cities of Surat and Kolkata while strengthening its presence in Nagpur and Ahmedabad. What’s in it for you? A seamless travel experience across the length and breadth of India – quite literally.  read more

The most important consideration for what goes on board an airplane is poundage. Installing a screen in each seat adds weight, which burns extra fuel, in turn costing more money. Also the screens are prone to cracks and breaks as people often poke and punch at them. In personal-device entertainment...  read more

1.Book in Advance Institute a travel policy that encourages employees to book at least eight days prior to departure. As per UNIGLOBE experts you can save a significant amount per flight ticket by implementing such guidelines. 2.Don't forget the Regional Airports UNIGLOBE experts recommend keeping an eye on fares at...  read more

Imagine having $5,000 to spend as you wish on an all-inclusive vacation at Palace Resorts.Dream big, people, because clients staying in the Family Suites can earn double the resort credit and put it toward a host of activities that will make everyone down to the youngest family member happy.Imagine being...  read more

The more you travel, the more likely that an airline will have to issue you an airline voucher due to an inconvenience such as overbooking a flight or losing your luggage. Travel vouchers vary depending on the airline, but if you’re lucky, you could end up hitting the jackpot with...  read more

For passengers, travelling near a small child or baby tops the list of “worst flight experiences” and this can leave a lot of parents feeling anxious when they decide to travel with their family. However, here simple travel hacks that you can use to help make the experience as stress...  read more

FAKE NEWSThe best restaurant that never was13 DEC 2017: Oobah Butler is a writer for Vice.com who has been paid for writing fake reviews for Trip Advisor. After watching the popularity of some restaurants inflate at his doing, he wondered if he could create popularity for a fake restaurant. Butler...  read more

Southern African Treasures 2018A stylish stay in Cape Town, a luxurious safari at Kapama Game Reserve and a visit to the spectacular Victoria Falls make this the perfect Southern African Treasures experience.Safaris in Southern Africa were designed for the most part as low volume tourism with smaller camps and lodges...  read more

Greece is famous as the cradle of Western civilization. It's the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, literature and drama, marathons, the Olympics, plus some of your favorite math principles. Modern Greece consists of a mountainous mainland and hundreds of islands surrounded by the Aegean, Ionian, Cretan and Mediterranean Seas.  Over...  read more

All-inclusive resorts in Puerto Plata and elsewhere on this lush Caribbean island with 1000 miles of coastline put the Dominican Republic on the map for travelers seeking affordable family and couples vacations from winter weather further north.  But what you may not know is that you can also find experiences...  read more

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