I fell in love with traveling when I was in grade school doing a project on Australia.I dreamed of one day traveling the world. Having travelled to Mexico, San Andres Island,Dominican Republic, many parts of Canada and the United States. Five years ago a travel agency gave me the opportunity to grow my knowledge and offered me a job.That five years has been a lot of ups in the learning category.I became a River Cruise Specialist, an Adventure Specialist, Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist, Sandals Resorts Specialist, Fiji, Hawaii, and Jamaica to just name a few.I aim for one new training program a month. In my first year as a travel agent I won some top awards allowing me to travel to Macau and Las Vegas.I have been able to go on a cruise to Bahamas, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Turks and Caicos.I have traveled to St Lucia, Cuba, Jamaica, Thailand and Beijing.Traveling the world is my passion, being able to sell travel comes naturally to me.

Material things come and go, a vacation will create memories to last a lifetime.

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Kayla & Drew are saying I DO!Crown Paradise Club Puerto Vallarta, MexicoThis paradise is on a wide beach, close to the marina area. Crown Paradise Club Puerto Vallarta has excellent facilities, dining options with 6 restaurants and 6 bars, entertainment and a large water park, perfect for families with kids club from 1-4 and 5-12.Congratulations to Kayla and Drew on...

Puerto Vallarta Experience

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